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Quick Release Anti-vibration Gel Plate w/ gels & H'ware

Quick Release Silicone Gel Vibration Isolation Plate

Brand: Vulcan UAV

SKU: 60017

Similar in dimensions and material to the standard 200mm gel plate, the quick release version allows the 12mm rails and anything attached to them to be quickly removed from the aircraft. This includes S800 retracts, and so makes transportation much easier.

The plate is designed to bolt straight up into the main lower frame plate and can be fitted with between four and twelve A1 Gel Bushes for different payloads. The position of the gel bushes can be changed to accomodate different payload balances, and to fit the available holes in the main frame base plate, according to the frame arm configuration being used.


Gel bushes work best under load, (300g - 600g per bush), and so by supporting the entire payload - gimbal, batteries and even in some cases the landing gear - they will work at their best giving excellent vibration damping.




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