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Advice & Help

If you are getting into multicopters you are probably looking at a substantial investment, so it is very important to start by making the right decisions about aircraft, payloads and equipment. With 20 years of development and build experience, testing and using a very wide range of products from all major manufacturers, we know the ins and outs of all the products we sell and many we don't. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements with no obligation whatsoever, and if what you need is not something we sell, no problem, from us you get the truth not sales talk! Feel free to get in touch if you would like some help or advice.

Aircraft Design, Customisation & Builds

As part of Vulcan UAV Ltd our core business is custom aircraft design and manufacturing, normally (but not exclusively) at the heavy lift end of the market. In our long history we have designed and built aircraft and payloads for a wide range of applications, and consulted on projects for many more. For more information you can get in touch with us or visit the Vulcan UAV website at:

Design & Prototyping Services

As well as aircraft design we have in house expertise in electronics and software, product design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirement, we will quickly be able to assess if what you need is something we can help with and if not there is a good chance we can suggest someone who can. If your project is commercially sensitive we are always happy to sign an NDA.

Carbon Fibre Cutting & 3D printing

As we manufacture parts in house we have the capability to supply carbon fibre sheet, tubes etc and offer a part design and cutting service. We can often turn around cut carbon parts in very short times, sometimes within a couple of days, and can normally make parts from a simple pencil drawing if you do not have CAD files available. We also have large format 3D printers and can produce parts in a range of colours and materials. Please get in touch for more information.