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Drone Payload Remote Release Hook - 30 Kgs

Brand: Vulcan UAV

SKU: 52162

Drone Remote Release Hook for carrying of payload up to 30 Kgs.

The hook includes a simple manual release lever and servo for remote release. Simply click the hook closed with payload attachment in place and you can release the load easily using either the built in servo or manual lever on the side of the hook. The hook is fitted with a high quality Savox metal gear servo. The release mechanism is sprung loaded to ensure a quick and clean release every time. Whilst the hook is rated to 30 Kgs for flight, it has been tested in our workshop to support 128 Kgs without failure.

Weight: 120g

Material: Aluminium and carbon fibre

Can be attached to any mounting with four M3 bolts, and if required we are able to custom make carbon fibre mount plates for just about any attachment, including 12mm diameter payload mounting rails found on many drones.

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